First of all, l feel my pastoral experience has been very demanding ever since l came into ministry January 2000 and have been the leader of Christian Gold House Chapel UK. I have also gained a lot of ministerial experience in Ghana.

Being in a small church in the City of Liverpool Merseyside, l have experienced many demands of the ministry varying from being a worship leader,  preaching, counselling ,  visitation ,administration, planning the church calendar, wedding blessings, praying for the sick , reaching out to people in the community and supporting other churches in some African countries through prayer and donation to charities. I have been involved in many ministries; I feel that being a pastor in my church has been a great opportunity for development, I have learnt  many things and in the process l have developed many skills.

In the ministry, l have learnt that growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ does not only mean having more knowledge about God, but also developing a Christ like character. And l know that as l continue to serve God and humankind l will continue to learn more and develop more to support the body of Christ.

Faithful Servant

Rev Samuel F Sarpong



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