You hear a lot of talk about creative miracles, but actually, what is a creative miracle? Here is a perfect example of one: Jesus turning water into wine. Nowhere in the Bible had it ever been done before and not since. You must understand; a Creative Miracle happens at a certain time…In a certain place… f or a certain purpose.

The wedding party had run out of wine. The host was embarrassed. Jesus just happened to be there. No! No! Jesus doesn’t just happen to be anywhere! He’s always there when you need him, regardless of the occasion. They brought the problem to Jesus and He said, just fill the pots with water. There young men were afraid of insulting the host, so before they did it they told Jesus’ mother what He said.

Now, herein lies the key to a creative miracle. In verse 5, His mother said in so many words, l don’t understand it and l can’t explain it but, WHATEVER HE SAYS TO DO…JUST DO IT! They rushed and filled the water pots all the way to the brim! God will give you the faith for a creative miracle but, He uses His own means and methods of producing it. Glory! God enjoys stepping into your life and doing something that no one thought could be done. In face, l often say when you want something you have never had… you must do something you have never done!

God is often referred to as The Great Creator. Many think that when He finished His work in the Garden of Eden He put away His drawing board, washed the molding clay off His hands and said, That’s it, l’ve created enough, No so! God is the same yesterday, today, and forever… still creating something for someone every day!

When l was a child, l was told there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But, no one has ever found it. However, when God puts gold in an unusual place its for a purpose and someone will find it. Here’s another creative miracle… Matt 17:27 Peter was worried about paying his taxes. Jesus told him, Go to the sea and cast in your hook… The first fish you catch will have money in his mouth. Peter was a fisherman who had made a living out of fishing… but had never a fish WITH MONEY IN ITS MOUTH! And, he would never catch another one. God created this miracle for a certain time… in a certain place and a certain purpose.

Notice this: Jesus told Peter just what to do and what to expect. like the young men filling up the water pots, Peter obeyed without question! I have discovered those who question the ways and methods of God never receive His miracles. To Tap-in to a creative miracle it takes unquestionable faith. I heard a fellow say one time, Bless God, if the Lord told me to run right through that wall, He’d make a hole in it before l got there. He said lsn’t that faith? l said, No, not really. When there are already 3 holes in that wall, they call them doors!

Please, don’t ever mistake foolishness for faith. Remember how the devil challenged Jesus and said, if you are who say you are then jump off this high pinnacle and you won’t get hurt. Jesus simply said, Don’t tempt the Lord God!, My friend, don’t ever feel like you have to prove your faith to anybody but God. In fact, the faith God has breathed into your inner man is a very personal thing between you and Him.

Today, you may be in need of a miracle like no one has ever had. Just remember, The Bible declares, With God, all things are possible God may be setting you up for a Creative Miracle

Rev Samuel F Sarpong


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